Many Varietals available now - Many more coming soon!

DATCP Varietal approval Granted 02/06/2020

Wisconsin DATCP has approved these varieties for the 2020 growing season.  When filing your Wisconsin Planting report, Report the varietal name indicated on your seed label that is affixed to each order.  Be sure of your state regulations regarding planting industrial hemp varietals before ordering.  All seed sales are conducted in the state of Wisconsin under Lakeview Hemp LLC's Seed Labeler License regardless of purchaser's shipping address.


Prior to placing an order and providing payment, purchaser will be required to provide their industrial hemp grower license number. After receipt of payment, you will be required to fill out, sign and return the Acquisition Agreement for Hemp Seed document prior to seed being shipped.

Confirmation of receipt of hemp seed

Though it is not required, a confirmation email would be appreciated once you receive your seed.  Please email a confirmation of your receipt of seed.  You may also use this email for any other questions, or inquiries.  Your consideration and trust in Lakeview Hemp is greatly appreciated.

Download Acquisition Agreement for Hemp Seed

Prior to shipping your seed, you will need to fill out and return the Acquisition Agreement for Hemp Seed.  The first and last two pages need to be filled out and emailed to

Acquisition Agreement for Hemp Seed Form (pdf)


varietals available now can be found under the feminized seed category

Lakeview Hemp currently has 8 varietals available and more can be found in the  Coming Soon category. Check back often as we will continue to offer additional varietals.

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